General Questions/Guides


You can also disable up by doing the following:

Open My Computer -> Right Click on it -> Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Click Settings on Peformance -> Data Execution Prevention tab -> select "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only"


Try to run the Silkroad.exe & SRO_Client.exe as administrator

You have to replace your GFXGameAddon.dll with the newest version from our website.

Please terminate it and spawn it again then it should have 2 pages.

Please launch the game from silkroad.exe

Do not use PhBot and if you have any other clients open with it (other servers etc), please close them too and try again.

Please buy and sell it manually.


Check your Chest. Press on that icon

And you should find them there

Honor Ranking & Colosseum Ranking Reset: Sunday & Wednesday at 11:59 PM


Please run silkroad.exe / sro_client.exe as administrator


If you are using mBot, run mBot_Loader as administrator.

InGame Rules / Ban Reasons

We do not help on any damage caused by third party programs. Please use them at your own risk.
In cases of item loss or item plus loss there is nothing we can do. Additionally if you are hacked because you have downloaded a fake DLL bypass or any other harmful program we will be unable to help you.

Chat Ban.

When given the player won't be able to type anything in-game. He will lose the ability to send globals as well. This ban is permanent and will only be lifted if our team decides so. It is given on the following occasions.

1. Racism towards other players or team members.
2. Insulting team members.
3. Disrespect of any religion.
4. Provoking or creating any in-game drama.
5. Spreading rumors or flaming the server.
6. Trading / Sell Accounts (Characters)

PC Ban.

When given you won't be able to log-in on Ruby Online again. It is only given on extreme cases and can only be lifted if our team decides so. It is given on the following occasions.

1. Using a character name, guild name or a grant name which goes against the listed rules.
2. Abusing any kind of bug without reporting it.
3. Selling any in-game item or gold/silks for real money.
4. Advertising other servers in globals or any game chatting.
5. Bypassing any of our limit restrictions.
6. Scamming other players.
7. Hacking other players.
9. Hosting any kind of events (item giveaways etc) without GM approval.
10. Trading / Sell Accounts (Characters)

Server Info
  • Players Online: 242 / 1000
  • Cap 100
  • Chinese only
  • EXP/SP Solo 65x
  • EXP/SP Party 70x
  • Magic-Pop Enabled
  • Trade Routes Original
  • PC Limit 2
  • IP Limit 4
  • Chinese Mastery 330
  • Server located in Europe
Server Time
  • Time: 11:03:19
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Everyday until 7 PM
  • CTF:
Fortress War
Unique History
Job Temple
Arabian Coast
Phantom Desert
Jupiter Temple