+30% Bonus Silks

+30% Donate Bonus.

All donations until Sunday 23:59 will grant you +30% bonus silks!

11.06.2020 20:55

Ruby 2020 Grand Opening

It is finally the time, Ruby will welcome its community back. Get ready, an amazing adventure is about to begin!

15.05.2020 14:20

Donations Activated

Donations are now live, grab your Silks and be ready for the big Grand Opening!

You can view all donate options by logging in the website and then going to donate section.



15.05.2020 14:16

Opening Guide

PC & IP Limits.

Ensuring a smooth experience as much as possible on the grand opening we have decided the following plan regarding PC & IP Limits.

-PC Limit will be 1 and IP Limit will be 2 on the first hours until people spread among all the map.

-Based on the server load once we decide the timing is proper, the limits will be increased to 2 PC and 4 IP which is the final setup.


Experience Rates.

Based on the poll results we have increased the experience rates to the following:

Solo Experience Rate: 30x

Party Experience Rate: 35x


First players to reach level 100 rewards.

As always we want to spice up the leveling competition, below you can find the rewards first players to reach level 100 will receive:

#1 Player: 1.000 Silks

#2~8 Players: 600 Silks

#9~16 Players: 400 Silks

#17~50 Players: 250 Silks

#51~100 Players: 150 Silks

#101~300 Players: 50 Silks

15.05.2020 14:14
Server Info
  • Players Online: 244 / 1000
  • Cap 100
  • Chinese only
  • EXP/SP Solo 65x
  • EXP/SP Party 70x
  • Magic-Pop Enabled
  • Trade Routes Original
  • PC Limit 2
  • IP Limit 4
  • Chinese Mastery 330
  • Server located in Europe
Server Time
  • Time: 12:12:30
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Everyday until 7 PM
  • CTF:
Fortress War
Unique History
Job Temple
Arabian Coast
Phantom Desert
Jupiter Temple